College is like a grocery store. Don’t go to college for four years and leave empty-handed. You wouldn’t go to the grocery store and not get any of the items on your list, would you?

As a first-year student in business school, I was required to wear the uniform: a black suit, white button-up shirt, black shoes, black socks and black tie.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, for an entire semester, I surveyed myself to ensure everything was as it ought to be. Suit. Shirt. Tie. Socks. Shoes. Check.

At the time, I didn’t understand the value of wearing a suit. But that experience prepared me for  corporate America. Appropriate attire in the work place is half the battle. You are a reflection of your company. Proper dress says you take yourself and your work seriously.

“Good morning. My name is Jeffrey Chance. I’m a freshmen, business management major at Howard University.” I  was required to spout this introduction before answering every question I was asked in Business 101. It’s definitely a mouthful, but this simple introduction appeals to the masses. Even now, I utilize a variation of it in the workplace. People know who I am, the source of my credentials, and what I am capable of.

I gained experience.  Relief work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, interning for my congressman on Capitol Hill, and serving as resident assistant are just a few of the others items purchased during my college years.

Attire. The ability to communicate professionally. Experience. These are the things that shape who I am today and will contribute to my success tomorrow. It would be a disservice for you to go to school for four or more years and not maximize your experiences. To not get the things on your list.

College is your grocery store. Peruse the isles. Get what you need to stock your cart for success.  Each of our carts are filled with different items, just make sure yours serve you well.

Don’t forget your groceries!

Give H.O.P.E. Live H.O.P.E.

Jeffrey D. Chance
The H.O.P.E. Scholarship