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Here’s a chance to make it….

For many of us, Hillman was our first introduction to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). During the early ‘90s, A Different World, the hit television series dedicated to the educational success of young African Americans, was an oasis of hope in what seemed like a desert of negativity.

The media told us, repeatedly, that African Americans lead in crime, high school drop-out rates, teen pregnancy and incarceration, but Hillman defied those negative images of young African Americans.

Through characters like Dwayne Wayne, Whitley Gilbert, Freddie Brooks, and Kimberly Reese, young African-Americans saw the best of what they could become.

…If we focus on our goals…

We saw black college students of every socio-economic background, nationality, and of every hue united in their pursuit for higher education and succeeding in their professional endeavors.

For many of us, it was a world much different than the one we lived in. Yet, it was the world we strived for — a world we cherished.

You can dish it. We can take. Just remember you’ve been told….

A Different World offered an alternative conclusion to the story usually assigned to many young blacks, and is credited for an increase in enrollment for HBCUs. The television series demonstrated that young blacks could thrive in every academic discipline without exception.

Today, at 6 p.m. (EST), The H.O.P.E. Scholarship will host our second Twitter chat themed: “A Different World: How HBCU students, alumni, and supporters can cultivate an even more illustrious future for HBCUs.”

It’s a Different World….than where you come from!

Our HBCU experiences are unparalleled to any other time in our lives. It’s a time of growth and opportunity. Our institutions reinforce the pride we have for ourselves and our culture. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that HBCUs exist for generations to come.

Join The HOPE Scholarship team for a candid conversation via Twitter about the nation’s historically black colleges and universities. Date: Monday June 20. Time: 6 p.m.  Place: @HopeScholarship

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