In September, The H.O.P.E. Scholarship Initiative hosted its third #HOPEChat on Twitter where we discussed common questions for new and returning students. Our panelists and Twitter friends offered some great advice. Here are the highlights of the chat.

Q1: What’s your advice for a student who is new on campus. They don’t know anyone but they want to make new friends? #HOPEChat

@PoloKocky: Join campus organizations. That attract friendships and build bonds within the circle. OR get out and socialize on the yard.

@drpcraigHU: @HopeScholarship Q1: Make goals w/ a certain # of ppl you MUST meet when you’re out and about on campus & force yourself to accomplish them!

Q2: What’s your advice for a student who has to work part-time & attend school full-time? How can they do both well?

@College_Class: Time management is key!

@Kenya_D: @hopescholarship advice to ppl working while in school is to coordinate a realistic work/class/study schedule and STICK TO IT

Q3: If you go to school out of state, how do you cope with missing family and friends? What are the benefits?

@chattyprof:  homesickness. Listen to profs’ background on the 1st day… they may have moved from elsewhere, too & can relate to you #hopechat

@College_Class: Homesickness happens, but going to school out of state helps you meet new types of people and learn to be more independent.

Q4. You all attended #HBCUs. How did that make you college experience #unique?

@TeneashaP: Growing up in #Oakland there weren’t many black role models @HowardU made blk success tangible.

@unoChance: First rate education, exposure to the diaspora, world class relationships, research opportunities & teaching #hopechat

Q5: Avoiding the #freshman15. How can students stay healthy when they only eat #cafeteria food?

@TeneashaP: Use portion control. Its ok, You can stop after 2 slices of pizza. Eat a salad with lunch and dinner. #hopechat

@_erykah: There is always a healthier choice. Students should always eat in moderation. If fruit or veggies are on the menu…get them!

Q6: With so many #distractions on campus, how did you stay #focused?

@unoChance: Best advice: don’t major in the minors. Remember you’re there to study. Party in moderation

@L_Siobhan: keep a pic of a degree in ur wallet. If that party, org., job is not gonna directly get u a degree keep moving #hopechat

Q7. Is changing your major #academicsuicide? What if you discover your passion late and you want to change your #major?

@L_Siobhan: I never changed my major but know several ppl who did. Best advice: change early on. Senior year not so much.#hopechat

@unoChance: Think abt doing an internship in what u are interested in. Most people have jobs outside their major; exp is key #hopeCHAT

Q8: What are good ways to cope with the #stress of college? the exams, the professors, your family expectations…etc?

@_erykah: Meditation. With the stress of college you have to take the time to relax & breathe. Feel stress then break for a moment.

@unoChance: take some time to do what you love, for some it may be listening to music, writing, shopping, going out etc #hopeCHAT

Q9: #MoneyRight. What’s your best advice for students who are #ballin’ on a #budget? Any money advice?

@L_Siobhan: stay away from trends, live within your means, never take out more loan money than you need #hopechat

Q10. @unoCHANCE @TeneashaP @L_Siobhan Give me your 3 best #CollegeDos & your 3 best #CollegeDonts.

@L_Siobhan: #q10# Dos: Go to class on time. Ask questions. Leave college a better person then you were when you started. #hopechat

@HopeScholarship #q10 #donts: Forget where u came from. Sell ur dreams for a temporary reality. Take out loans if u don’t have to. #hopechat

Give H.O.P.E. Live H.O.P.E.