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If you’re familiar with  The H.O.P.E.  Scholarship you’ve probably memorized the details of our upcoming Speed Networking Mixer. Yeah, we’ve been pushing it. But with good reason, the concept is sort of genius!For the average person networking is not fun. If we’re honest, we can all admit that networking  usually feels like work, which is the last thing most people  want to do after a 40-hour work week.

But there is a way to network and have a good time. It’s called speed networking.

How perfect is it to only be committed to a conversation for 5 minutes?  Walking up to a group of strangers and telling them what you do for a living is not always comfortable. There’s always the temptation to only talk to people you already know or just hang out at the appetizer table.

During our event, you’ll have onversations exploring potential business opportunities between you and the person across the table from you. When time is up, you get to meet someone new. This format allows you to meet the majority of the room while having fun in the process.

Raise your hand if you:

  1. Go to an event with good intentions to meet new people and get sucked into a conversation with people you already know.
  2. Dedicate minutes to a conversation and leave realizing you know very little of the person you just spoke to.
  3. Roll your eyes and/or cringe at the thought of attending a networking mixer.

If’ you raised your hand you are the person we want to attend  HOPE’s Speed Networking Mixer. If networking is not for you, we encourage you to attend the HOPE Speed Networking Mixer.

We are certain that we will shine networking in a new light. We invite you to Mix. Mingle. Network.

Give HOPE. Live HOPE.