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Whether you are single, married or somewhere in between you can have an amazing Valentine’s Day this year. It’s the perfect opportunity to tap into the transformative power of love.

Count: With the many ads and store displays, it’s easy to forget that this day is about love in the many ways it comes to us instead of a time to spend money on overpriced roses or collect teddy bears. Valentine’s Day is a great time to count your blessings in love and focus on the great people around you including family and friends.  Giving back to those who need it most also is a reminder of how fortunate we are.

Continue: Like many young adults, my favorite Valentine’s memories as a kid was giving out cut out cards to my classmates. Then as we got older it became all about one person giving you something over the top. This year bring back the things you enjoy. My coworkers were pleasantly surprised when I passed out Hello Kitty cards two years ago and I’m excited to debut this year’s cards.

Contact: As with most holidays, Valentine’s Day often makes us nostalgic. This year instead of just thinking about the people you love or good times of the past, pick up the phone and reach out. A conversation with a high school friend or your crazy cousin down south can feed your soul better than chocolate.

Create: One of my favorite events of this season is my friend’s annual Ladies Only Valentine’s Brunch. It is a time for us girls to catch up. No matter what’s going on in your dating life, you have a date to look forward to. Consider starting a new tradition to celebrate the season. My boyfriend and I plan to watch “Love Jones” and order take out.

Celebrate: This Valentine’s Day if you do nothing else, salute yourself. As the late great Whitney Houston belted out, the greatest love starts inside of you. The easiest way to improve your relationship or prepare for your love of the future is to fall deeper in love with yourself and do the things that make you happy. Take time to affirm how amazing you are and realize that you are exactly where you are suppose to be with the people you are suppose to be with.

Give HOPE. Live HOPE. and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Charreah Jackson
Guest Blogger

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Charreah Jackson alum of Howard University can now be referred to as a healthy relationship expert. Charreah’s career started at Essence Magazine and her writings can be found around the globe for brands such as CNN, Essence, Ebony, Vibe and Giant. Charreah is a certified family life educator and a featured expert on The Huffington Post and  YourTango, the top website for relationships advice. Find out more about Charreah and read more of her works at http://www.charreah.com/