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Karlton Weaver, a third-year computer science major at Morehouse College, has always made education a priority.

Weaver graduated high school at the top of his class. His dynamic Spelhouse parents — his father a Morehouse man and  his mother a Spelman College graduate — always encouraged him to excel academically.

Weaver understands and appreciates the benefit of technology. He says, “Technology has transformed society. Everything in our life involves technology.”  After a couple years of merely observing Twitter, this 21-year-year is taking the social media platform by storm.

The H.O.P.E. Scholarship caught up with Weaver to talk technology, entrepreneurship and academic excellence.

HOPE: How did you get started with Twitter and what do you like about the platform?
KW: The summer after sophomore year I went to NYC for an internship and had a wealth of free time. I observed twitter my freshman and sophomore year and thought I would get involved. Twitter is open. Because it’s an ongoing conversation you learn more about people and society.

HOPE: What Twitter accounts do you maintain?
KW: I started @HEATNationTH in April 2011 I started it because the official Heat page didn’t connect with the fans, it only posted stats and scores. With my account I share ideas and things going on in the game. It’s commentary you would have with your friends while watching the game.

Then I started @SPELHOUSEFollow on July 2011. Spelman and Morehouse College are close, not just in location, but in the communal bond of its students.  This account is positive and brings the AUC together and highlights events. I received 200 followers on the first day.

HOPE: What else are you involved in?
KW: I started an entertainment group, High Life Entertainment. @_HighLifeEnt_

HOPE: What was/is you inspiration for Highlife Entertainment?
KW: Where I am, is not where I want to be. Why not reach for the High Life. There is more to your life than just education, much more than a career. I needed to chase something, needed to pursue something. Why not chase the High Life? It gives me inspiration to do what I want to do. My new company highlights all events.

HOPE: What gives you HOPE?
KW: The people who I associate with everyday give me hope. Helping others allows me to give back. Seeing what others are doing inspires me and wants to help them do better.

HOPE: What makes you a Hope dealer?
KW: What I am doing is different and needed. Making opportunities for others is needed more than ever. I feel like it is the right thing to do.

HOPE: What do you plan to do after graduating from Morehouse College?
KW: I want to do something that I put myself into not necessary something I have to apply for. I want to do something interesting not just, get a paycheck and start a family. I want to be an entrepreneur, my mind is different. I want to gain hands-on experience and help others.

HOPE: What advice to younger students or future college students
KW: Come to college knowing your interests so you can find the options for you. Don’t come close minded. You are now experiencing life in a different environment.

Give HOPE. Live HOPE.

Karlton Weaver
HOPE Dealer

About the Author

I am a 21 years old from Coral Springs, FL currently attending Morehouse College in my Junior year. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I would like to explore a career in Networking/IT. My passion drives my daily life as I love to inspire those who are around me & in my community. I plan to re-shape and re-form the AUC & Atlanta communities for the better. At the end of my lifetime I want to be remembered for what I did for others in my community.

Follow Weaver’s Twitter accouts: @CEO_HighLife, @SPELHOUSEFollow, @HEATNationTH and @_HighLifeEnt_

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