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Cashmere Club of Morehouse College

The yard is their stage and the halls are their runway. Students at historically black colleges and universities are taking the fashion world by storm.

Fashion trends emerging from HBCU campuses are getting national attention. Recently, Howard University ranked No. 2,  following No. 1 ranked New York University,  in the Huffington Post’s Best Dressed Colleges list. We’re not surprised.

Students at HBCUs have never fully embraced the traditional college uniform of sweatpants and t-shirts.

HBCU students have too much flare. We don’t just wear a hat we tilt it, turn it to the back, or flip the brim. We don’t just wear a polo, we experiment with colors and layering. We pop the collar.

Howard University

The merging of cultures, races and regional influences on campus create a stylish melting pot. Students pick, pull and stitch together elements that represent their ideals and beliefs from the global trends made local.

Florida A&M University

In a college, students pick and choose to create their perfect style. Students understand the importance of a first impression. They communicate through their clothing, and this new era of trendsetters have a lot to say.

So why are HBCU students so stylish? Our style is not mandated by seasonal trends, it’s a representation of attitude, cultural background and  individual enlightenment journey. We know that people are watching. Our style gives them something to talk about.

Fashion is inspiration, use it wisely.

As always, Live HOPE Give HOPE.