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What if you didn’t have a college degree? Would you have the career that you have today? Would you live in the same  neighborhood? Would you have access to the same amenities? For many of us the answer to these questions is a resounding — No!

For most of us, our degrees have opened the door for professional development,  growth and opportunity. For this reason, it is incumbent upon all of us to to reinvest in our institutions. For HBCU graduates especially,  alumni giving is vital in our efforts to sustain our institutions.

To show your appreciation for the education you received, give a gift.  Research shows that giving among HBCU graduates pales in comparison to that of alumni from predominantly white institutions.

Alumni giving is  imperative yet students rarely hear about its importance  until post-graduation. Our institutions should begin to educate students during their undergraduate career on the process and benefits of giving. By doing so,  this creates a culture and a tradition of giving at HBCUs.

Donating to your alma mater’s annual fund it enables the university to assist with critical needs that tuition does not cover. Each gift permits the university to educate more students, which sustains the university and grows the endowment.

Instead of buying that Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte each morning, designate a monthly gift of $5 to your university.  Overall, remember it’s not about how much you give, it’s that you give.  Please understand the HBCUs rely on alumni donations.  Your donation is an investment to the students of today and the future. Let’s all work together in sustaining and upholding HBCUs for generations to come. Give today!

Give HOPE. Live HOPE.

Brandy Jackson
Director of Development
The H.O.P.E. Scholarship