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When it comes to photography, my perspective is to tell a good story. My goal is to showcase the subject in their best possible light without alterations, additions or subtractions that distort the image.

As a child, I loved stories. My mind would run wild imagining, dreaming, sometimes wishing I was a character in these fantastical stories I created. I loved all kinds of stories, especially the narratives shared by older family members. My grandparents would tell the most vibrant and vivid stories of our family history and their experiences.

I wanted to find a means of capturing some of my own personal life experiences, which in themselves had become their own stories. I began to document my travels as a teenager – from Ghana, West Africa to Alexandria, Virginia and then Gainesville, Florida to Washington, DC.

In college, I would whip out a point and shoot during memorable occasions experiences from orientations to organization events. When my father offered to get me an expensive dslr (digital single-lens reflex) camera if I took a journalism course, I jumped at the opportunity and signed up for a photojournalism class with renowned Professor John Freeman.

Feeling like a newly minted storyteller, I embarked on the journey of photographing people and events with even more enthusiasm. I have been blessed to capture pictures of friends during milestones such as graduations, weddings and other celebratory events. Graduations have especially been dear to my heart. After my first photo class, I offered my services for free to close friends who were graduating from college and as they shared the pictures with their friends and family, I got more requests for my services.

I have been blessed to turn my passion into a growing and thriving business.

Photographers get to illuminate a person’s story with a snapshot or series of snapshots. Go back and look through old family pictures with older family members and you will easily realize that the photograph is a catalyst to a great story and family history. That is what I strive to do with each picture or event.

Photography is my passion and luckily is a necessary craft. Everyone should have a set of professional photos on hand to share with potential clients, on professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but also to help them easily tell a positive story of themselves.

Through photography I strive to be a better storyteller and to encourage young storytellers to do likewise. I believe, like story telling, photography is a journey and storytellers get better each day. We all have a story. For new graduates you’re beginning a new chapter of your story. I implore you to start this chapter doing something you love. Wherever you are in your journey I look forward to telling your story through photography someday soon.

Give HOPE. Live HOPE.

Emmanuel Gamor
Guest Blogger

About the Author
Emmanuel A. Gamor is a multimedia journalist and photographer. He currently serves at the managing editor for the New Ghanaian newspaper (www.mytngonline.com), a blog manager for Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (www.ypfp.org) and is the national photographer for Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. (www.iotaphitheta.org).
Website: http://www.itakephotos1985 twitter: www.twitter.com/itakephotos1985 vimeo: www.vimeo.com/itakephotos1985.

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