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Enjoy H.O.P.E.’s top 5 blog posts to date.

1. Microwave Revolutions: The recent execution of death row inmate Troy Davis created an online frenzy. The regular opponents of the death penalty came forth as well as what I will refer to as the black flash mob. You know who they are. Those college students, pseudo-intellectuals and Twitter rebels who have a lot of tough talk about the death penalty, the prison industrial complex and post-traumatic slavery disorder. But rarely do much more than update their Facebook statuses and at the most come out for one night of protesting. These people don’t realize their microwave revolutions actually hurt their causes more than help…read more.

2. How to Build and Authentic and Effective Brand: Few people were familiar with Paul Quinn College four years ago.  Many of those who were aware of the institution’s existence had a negative impression of it.  Additionally, the marketplace had little respect for the school and many employers avoided the College’s graduates as employees. The school was under-funded and under-appreciated, and appeared to be a lost cause. But my how things have changed…read more.

3. 21st Century Rat Pack: Childhood friends keep us grounded. College friends propel us to achieve more than we ever thought we could. Finding 1 or 2 best friends in college can be a major benefit. The trio can share experiences and leave each other with twice as much exposure to the world’s many facets. But what if you found 16 best friends? You all could be the rat pack…read more.

4. Big Meech Revisited: A year ago the summer anthem was “Blowing Money Fast” by Rick Ross. Though the lyrics glorified high-profile criminals, Black men of all walks of life bumped this tune and sang along. Writer Felicia Pride noted that even highly educated men had a gangsta-inspired double consciousness. This makes sense, especially when we live in a society where Black men receive kudos essentially for two accomplishments: entertainment and athletics…read more.

5. Greek Life 101: Beyond the “Stomp the Yard” portrayal of shared colors, calls and steps, BGLOs provided a vehicle for students to truly change their campuses, communities, and society. And that is still true today. Members of these organizations are and have been change agents for social justice; they have revolutionized the arts, politics and government, and are the executives and owners of many companies among others…read more.

Give HOPE. Live HOPE.