Many college students and recent graduates journey to big cities looking to pursue their passions and dreams, though while racing to the top of the corporate ladder or non-profit America, they sometimes forget those on the sidelines, silently cheering for them or hoping they too could have similar opportunities.

Those individuals on the sidelines have everything in them to succeed, but haven’t fully realized their potential. Some don’t believe that they have the necessary strength, courage, agility or determination to be successful. Some have been brought up in the backdrop of poverty and violence, devoid of support and seeking direction. We must inspire them.

As a lifelong educator and community volunteer, I know the youth in our community need us. They too deserve an opportunity to be able to pursue success in their own lives, their family’s lives and the lives of generations to come, but they need our help.

I believe our generation can make a bigger impact on our communities than we currently are. In under-resourced communities, a donation of time, money, knowledge, skills, prayer or attention can impact someone’s life greatly. It is our obligation to assist the next generation in reaching their goals.

As you pursue success, take some time to invest in the life of a young person. Provide them with the tools for achievement that someone else may have passed to you. Make a bigger impact by not running this race alone, but by giving someone the opportunity to run with you.

Live HOPE. Give HOPE.

Daphne Charles
Guest Blogger

About the Author

Daphne L. Charles has worked with youth for the past eight years in various capacities — a true believer in enhancing the possibilities for the lives of youth and communities. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/Journalism from the University of Florida.

Charles also holds a master’s degree in Secondary Education from The University of Pennsylvania. Her work in several major metropolitan school districts, including the District of Columbia, signifies her sincere dedication to impacting the lives of youth so that they can, in turn, impact their own communities.