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It was always education first growing up in the Chance household, but I don’t remember the bedtime stories or even having a favorite book as a child.

I do remember my parents’ friends requiring their children to leisurely read and write an essay for an extra allowance and I thought, what a cruel punishment lol.

Nonetheless, I read if a class required me to, but reading leisurely was not my favorite past time; then again, if we are counting skimming through a sports magazine, then I was a reading machine.

After graduating from college, I started to think about picking up a book for a variety of reasons: wanting to build my vernacular, wanting to have an additional conversational topic in mix settings, and I’m not going to lie, wanting to look scholastic during my commute to/from work.

The first thing, I did was pray. There is nothing more important than saying, hey this is where I am weak and could use some help. Then, I asked my friends for book recommendations. From there, I started my quest of becoming an avid reader, it was tough and at times I relapsed. It would take me 6 – 8 months to read a book, but over time that began to change. I have to credit my job because we had book clubs and it served as a floodgate to leisurely reading.

The first book I read which had me anxiously wanting to read another page was Hill Harper’s “The Conversation”; I vividly remember laughing at myself and thinking, you’re a nerd, but I didn’t care, because now, I can genuinely say I enjoy reading. I always ask my friends for recommendations and currently I have 3-4 books in the que.

Who knew that maturity could make uncommon childhood past-times present-day hobbies?! On a random afternoon, it is not rare to find me at a bookstore or the local park grabbing a bite and reading a good book. The principles I used to become an avid reader can be applied to anyone pursuing a goal.

  • Meditate
  • Identify your Weakness
  • Seek Help/Guidance
  • Attack (your goal)

Live HOPE. Give HOPE.

Jeffrey D. Chance
The H.O.P.E. Scholarship