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Every class and every school is unique with its own spirit, appearance and stereotypes. Although unique there are common personalities you will find on any and every campus. Today we will introduce you to the class roster. These are grand overstatements for humor mostly but it doesn’t change the fact they exist. Go ahead, start putting a name to the description.

Mufasa: Extremely attractive, intelligent and friendly. Mr./Mrs. Perfect. This person seems like they managed to stand in and receive from all the lines of personal attributes and what a combination. Most of the campus knows this person by name although 60% have never exchanged a word.

Brain: Will graduate a year early with a triple major in physics, mechanical engineering and architecture. There is no limit to the amount of information this person can retain and dish out as if it is a theory they created. Nothing comes before education.

Hercules: Money bags. This person comes from a legendary lineage and money has never been an obstacle. Yes, those shoes are Prada. Why yes this sweater is cashmere do sweaters come made in anything else? For spring break they vacation on a private island. PBJ stands for pear, brie and jicama on artisan bread.

Pocahontas: There is no conversation that doesn’t lead back to their culture. Pacific Islands, Nigeria, Barbados…this person wears the proud badge of their culture. Most stories begin with “back in my country…” Food, fashion, love…there is nothing the US has mastered better than their home country. Why do we even call the US the 1st world?

Jesus: Or shall I say super Jesus because this person is striving to live a life unattainable by Jesus. Everything but praying, praising, fasting, and evangelizing is a sin. You are greeted with “Praise the Lord” and every conversation must end with a word or prayer for safe travels all the way to your dorm across the street. This is also the person everyone runs to for prayer when they haven’t studied but need an A, have overdrawn accounts but a balance of $5000 due yesterday, or waited to the last minute to buy homecoming tickets.

Alice: This person is lost and desperately trying to find themselves. In the 1st semester they have changed their major from Art History to Drama to Biology to French. College is a journey of self-discovery not some 4 year thing that leads to a Degree. This person floats through life yet somehow gets the most amazing opportunities to travel abroad, study under masters, and intern at the most respect corporations.

Dorothy: There’s no place like home so that’s exactly where you will find this student every weekend, holiday and break. This person makes no effort to build a community on campus and why when you already have the best people as friends, the best hair stylist, the best food at home. It does beg the question of why not go to a school in your home town? Well because it was time to leave the nest. (sorta)

Ariel: They make shirts that come below your midriff? Oh yeah I think that’s for pregnant ladies. This person is…well…slutty. All their clothes are fitted and revealing. They wake up at 5am for their regimen of beauty treatments, to apply a full face of makeup and to shock the school by managing to put on something even more revealing than yesterday’s ensemble.

Nemo: The master of oblivion. This person is super friendly but just doesn’t get it. They live in their own universe where nothing matters and everything works out so why even get worked up. Everyone is nice it’s just that some are misunderstood. This person is a human version of sunshine and rainbows.

The Beast: So misunderstood. This person has a rough exterior in fact most students ignore them out of fear. This rough exterior is just a matter of circumstance because this student so often received the short end of the stick. Eventually someone comes along to peel back the layers to find a kind hearted romantic. This person even fixed them up and all of a sudden they look so good…makes you wonder what other rock in the rough are you walking pass every day.

Here are 10 of many we could come up with. What others do you see roaming the campus? Which one (s) are you?

Live HOPE. Give HOPE.