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If you missed, The H.O.P.E. Scholarship Initiative’s latest #hopechat, you can find the discussion’s highlights right here in the recap. Check it out!

hope chat 4_18_13@hopescholarship: Good evening and #Welcome to @hopescholarship’s #hopechat ­ Generation Y: The New Wave of Philanthropy

@hopescholarship: Today we have joining us, #philanthropy juggernauts: @hleak, @msciaralyn, @chrisj1914, @craigbrownphd #hopechat

@msciaralyn: @HopeScholarship Hello, Im Ciara Bostick, Founder & President of @GodsGiftInc a npo for disadvantaged girls in South Florida #hopechat

@chrisj1914: Good evening I’m Chris Johnson Exec Director & Co-Founder of @NCNCF. Thanks for having me @HopeScholarship #HopeChat

@craigbrownphd: Hello. I am excited about our tweet chat tonight. #Hopechat

‏@hleak: @HopeScholarship @MsCiaraLyn @chrisj1914 @craigbrownphd #hopechat Hi, Halima Leak Executive Director, @PQCphilanthropy @PaulQuinnTigers

q1: How did you get involved in #philanthropy?

@craigbrownphd: My philanthropic ventures started after my survival of pancreatic cancer. So my philanthropy is personal. #Hopechat

@craigbrownphd: A1. After my bout with cancer I realized how much I took for granted. I decided to dedicate my life to teaching & giving #Hopechat

@chrisj1914: A1: grew up in a military fam. We lived all over the world & committed to giving what we could, when we could, everywhere we lived #HopeChat

@chrisj1914: @HopeScholarship…when philanthropy is instilled in us early, it becomes a natural part of our lives imo #HopeChat

@hleak: @HopeScholarship #hopechat Honestly, my work in philanthropy was unintentional. A non profit I worked for needed more resources.

@MsCiaraLyn: @HopeScholarship It always been a dream, but it came faster than I imagined. I was unemployed at the time…perfect opportunity #hopechat

q2: Define Philanthropy. What does it mean to you?

@hleak: @HopeScholarship Q2: For me philanthropy is about empowerment. Giving allows us to have a hand in improving our world. #hopechat

@chrisj1914: A2: Investing time, talent and/or treasure. i.e. Volunteering, knowledge (mentorship, as a board member, etc), and/or financially #HopeChat

@MsCiaraLyn: A2. Passion must definitely be a sole driver when speaking of philanthropy and giving back to your community #hopechat @HopeScholarship

@chrisj1914: A2 cont’d: Philanthropy is easy. We can all be philanthropists. Philanthropy is the fabric which holds our communities together

@hleak: @chrisj1914 exactly…philanthropy includes much more than money. It’s about your connection to a cause. #Hopechat

q3: What is the difference between charity and philanthropy?

@chrisj1914: A3: To me charity is a handout. Philanthropy is a hand up. #HopeChat

@craigbrownphdPhilanthropy is staking a claim and providing personal assistance in seeing that which you claim be realized. #Hopechat

@MsCiaraLyn: A3. I would say charity is more so giving, while philanthropy is doing #hopechat @HopeScholarship

‏@HBCUstorian: A3 Charity is giving your surplus. Philanthropy is giving your self. @HopeScholarship #HopeChat

‏@hleak: @HopeScholarship A3: Philanthropy represents a more sophisticated approach to giving. Donors now have more expectations cont… #hopechat

@hleak: @HopeScholarship Donors want their gifts to solve bigger problems. ie rather than feed one person, many want to cure hunger #hopechat

@unoCHANCE: Charity is answering an immediate need usually done one time and Philanthropy is making a longtime commitment to a cause. #hopechat

q4: What has #inspired this immense philanthropic movement by millennials?

@chrisj1914 Q4: CSR has helped. Corporations have plans 2 give back & it trickles down. Calls to action 2. i.e. Sept 11th, ‘Cane Katrina, etc #HopeChat

@MsCiaraLyn A4. We are generation changers. We see the need & importance of traditional values and morals of society #hopechat @HopeScholarship

@chrisj1914 Q4: Also, social entrepreneurship by so many millenials has highlighted the importance to be philanthropic and how easy it is#hopechat

@unoCHANCE A4) I believe prez Obama’s inaugural campaign where he asked ea family member to donate $5 to his campaign was a national starter #hopechat

@craigbrownphd: A4: With shifts in economic focus comes shifts in the needs of others. The drivers change and therefore the concerns shift #hopechat

q5: What shifts need to happen for more young pple to become philanthropists?

@chrisj1914 A5: 1) AWARENESS “that’s not my problem” no…a community problem is EVERYONE’s problem. 2) Find your passion(s) and get engaged #HopeChat

@unoCHANCE Q5) Young people need to think more about helping the greater good and the notion of “paying it forward.” A key word “legacy” #hopechat

@craigbrownphd A5. GREAT QUESTION. We need to get them involved EARLY. They need to know that they MATTER. @choosetomatter #hopechat

@hleak A5: Education about the impact of giving. Efforts like @PQCphilanthropy inform young people of their ability to be change agents. #hopechat

@chrisj1914 A5 p2: Answer the question “what are you passionate about?” Visit your local NP resource ctr. or United Way. Become a mentor. #hopechat

@eddiefrancis @HopeScholarship Q5: If I may, I find that all you have to do is ask then show young ppl. They want to do SOMETHING. #hopechat

q6: Many give back to their churches. How do we get them to sow in other areas?

@chrisj1914 A6: Foundation here again is passion. But our communities have challenges. Mentorship of black youth, grad rates, bullying, etc #HopeChat

‏@unoCHANCE Q6) I think some peo have to be “moved” to give back. Maybe NPOs need to wk harder to help peo understand y it’s imp to giveback #hopechat

@chrisj1914 A6 cont’d: We ALL have gifts which we can share with the world “To give anything less than your best is to sacrafice the gift”

@craigbrownphd A6: Its access. Most people have easy access to the church. So they naturally give. Plus the church asks for the contributions. #Hopechat

@hleak @HopeScholarship expanding ideals of faith and giving to the greater community. Exposing young ppl to philanthropy EARLY #hopechat

q7: Is #philanthropy a lucrative career option?

@chrisj1914 A7: Pick up the phone and call a major gifts officer for a mid to large size nonprofit or any university *drops mic* lol #hopechat

@craigbrownphd A7: YES IT IS. The more organized the effort the more lucrative it can become. Like any business. #Hopechat

@hleak@HopeScholarship A7: Absolutely. It is an underexplored career path. NPOs NEED competent fundraisers to achieve their missions. #hopechat

@L_Siobhan I’m always seeing job offers for Development Directors though so yes #philanthropy can be lucrative if you raise the $$ #q7 #Hopechat

@hleak @chrisj1914 initiatives like @PQCphilanthropy. We have introduced a B.S. in F&P into our curriculum. We’ve gotten serious! #hopechat

q8: How do #nonprofitorganizations make their cause a “hot cause” & get people to donate?

@hleak: @HopeScholarship A8: show the relevance of your cause. demonstrate the impact on individuals AND society. Branding and marketing. #hopechat

@chrisj1914 A8: NPOs succeed in fundraising when they effectively emotionally connect people with their cause through marketing/storytelling #hopechat

@L_Siobhan 16h: Where you heart is there too is your wallet/pocketbook. #hopechat @HopeScholarship

q9: What’s your #best advice for advancing one’s philanthropic efforts?

@craigbrownphd A9: Create a focus so that your philanthropy has an impact. Spread the word of your philanthropy so as to create a trend. #Hopechat


@craigbrownphd A9: Support existing philanthropic efforts whenever you can. Spread the word of these efforts to create a trend. #Hopechat

@KeziaMW Q9: Seek advice from ppl w/exp in the philanthropic sector; learn from their mistakes, use their advice to do better & #ThankThem! #hopechat

q10: HBCUs struggle w/ alumni giving. Any advice in this department?

@unoCHANCE A10) Educate students EARLY, many times students allow the experience 2 dictate what they will give back & they forget the legacy #hopechat

@chrisj1914 A10 Effective communication strategy, effective retention strategy, be innovative. Make it easy to give. Conduct research #HopeChat

@craigbrownphd A10: Alumni giving is typically due to a personal connection. The schools need to help the students make that connection. #Hopechat

@craigbrownphd A10: When you feel a sense of debt to a cause you support it. Many student are “Just glad its over” and that is not good. #Hopechat

@chrisj1914 A10 cont’d: Alumni Assocs need 2 view alumni as customers. Should b working 2 make alumni a customer 4 life from 1st day on campus #HopeChat

@hleak A10: Inform alumni of the good that their gifts are doing. SHOW them how their support makes an impact. #hopechat

@unoCHANCE A10)Encourage giving by students while they are n school.Imagine if the entire student pop donated a $1 per yr to the annual fund #hopechat

@craigbrownphd A10: HBCU’s need to build better bonds with and reduce the stress on the students. Its already stressful being black. #Hopechat

q11: For those just starting #NPO (non-profit organization), what are some pitfalls they should avoid?

@chrisj1914 16h A11: Putting the wrong people on their board. Have a process. Have a board matrix. Not filing all the necc paperwork w/ the state #hopechat

@MsCiaraLynQ11. Dont assume ur gonna turn into an organization like the Red Cross overnight #hopechat @HopeScholarship

@KeziaMW Q11: Lastly, another major pitfall new #NPOs encounter is choosing #Competition over #Collaboration! #TeamworkDreamwork #hopechat

q12: As we prepare to conclude this extremely informative #hopechat, any final remarks?

@chrisj1914 A12: Philanthropy is imp.Our NPOs address social issues & impact our quality of life. All of us have a responsibility to ensure #HopeChat

@MsCiaraLyn Q12. Although we gave informative & maybe even “scary” info, remember to have fun! ENJOY WHAT YOU DO! @HopeScholarship

‏@hleak A12: Be involved with the NPOs you support on multiple levels. Accountability = mission fullfilled. #hopechat