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best grad giftI was a student. I had to finish my studies. I had to land a good paying job. I had a career to focus on. This would affect my plan. I told my best friend about these dilemmas, her response, “calm yourself down”. I needed to think clearly. Then, she encouraged me to take the test to end the doubt..

I went inside my friend’s bathroom. After a few minutes, I came out sobbing and shaking. The test gave a positive result, two red strips: I was pregnant.

All I did was cry. I could not help it. I could not accept what happened. I felt like I a big disappointment to my parents and family.

After the confirmation, I told the father of my child about the news. Two weeks after I told him that I was pregnant, I could no longer find him. I could no longer reach him. He cut all the lines that connected me to him.

I was hurt. Who wouldn’t be? But in that moment, my baby had become my priority.

My support system kicked into high gear. My family and friends came together to help me achieve the goals I set for myself. My parents provided child care and allowed me to continue until I graduated. My school and teachers were supportive and my classmates and friends were accepting.

Few months before my college graduation I gave birth to a baby girl. She was the best college graduation gift. As a mother I had to be an example for my daughter. I couldn’t allow the shock and shame guilt me into not completing my undergraduate program. She gave me the strength to fight and to believe that things would turn out for the best. She is my gift, my miracle, and my life.

I want to inspire and encourage moms pursuing their education, Don’t stop chasing your dreams. Make your child your inspiration to move forward and face life. Having a child doesn’t make your education and professional goals are impossible to achieve. It may be difficult but there is always hope.

Live H.O.P.E. Give H.O.P.E.

Gabrielle Roales
Guest Contributor

About Gabrielle Roales

Gabrielle Nicolette Roales is a recent graduate of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts who now works with GradShop as a content writer. Gabrielle plans to take up a Master’s Degree in Psychology in the near future and aspires to motivate others to pursue their dreams and education no matter what.