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blog121red&blueCelebrity fashion guru, Rachel Zoe starts off all of her consultations asking her clients who they want to look like.  She explains that in the end, it’s not the person the client wishes to look like, but the essence the person carries that the client wishes to exude.  This is where adjusting your appearance to look more like your potential, the woman you want to be, can give you more perspective on your wardrobe.  And you’re also honoring your current state just as it is while also entertaining the possibility of your destiny.

Dressing like the potential woman who is already inside of you will bring her presence out from the corners of your mind more and more easily and into the open for you to feel and emanate with on a daily basis.  We have the ability of tapping into “knock out” status at any time.  I have actually put together a list of tips I’ve picked up through my life from many many women that have helped me begin tapping into it more than just occasionally.  Below are some general tips on being a knock out on a regular basis – and with more versatility:

The power of dresses & skirts
My favorite seasons are Spring and Summer when bare arms, bare legs, necks and collar bones come out to play.  Dresses are classic, charming and transforming!  So if the weather permits, get flirty and feminine with it whenever you can!  During the colder months, skirts and dresses are still classic and beautiful – not to mention, very much appreciated by the opposite sex.  Try lace, sheer or crocheted tights with a flirty short skirt in a heavier fabric like boucle wool or leather.

Wear heels
Cosmo magazine says a woman just stands differently in heels.  She commands more attention.  Hips out, shoulders back, butt lifted – heels do the work for you.  I say wear heels for just about any occasion.  And keep a pair handy in your gym locker for post workout outings!

Air on femininity – not girly
Tees, jersey, sneakers, and hoodies – all give a younger vibe.  They’re fun and comfy but only appropriate for a few occasions.  Air on womanly femininity whenever possible.  Ways to keep femininity fun and not stiff:

  • Colored denim/pants (purple, red, pastels) as well as dark rinses – wear with flats, heels, boots or sandals.  [If you desire denim with more give, go for brands that offer a touch of elastic in the fabric!]
  • Colorful/ patterned, loose evening tops in fabrics other than cotton.  They class up every day casual bottoms, especially if you wear leggings.  Try wearing more silk, linen, lace or velvet tops that have a v or sweetheart neckline.  Evening tops work beautiful for day.

Wear at least one piece of jewelry at all times. 
Bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, time pieces – you can’t ever really have too many accessories.  Often times, they even help an outfit make sense when you’re not in the mood to be creative. And if you’re a minimalist like me, find one piece that’s meaningful to you and makes you feel great when you wear it.  If accessories aren’t your cup of tea, glossy nail polish does wonders for a finished fem look – even if it’s clear!

The power of perfume – wear it even to bed!
This is a fun one.  And classic beauty advice I received from a 90 year old woman. Scents influence feelings and behavior and can be very alluring to both sexes.  If you do not own perfume, start out by buying a fragrance for every season and then buy a separate fragrance that you wear only to bed. Having a fragrance for sleeping can enhance your feelings and thoughts about yourself as you begin to quiet your mind.  Make sure this scent evokes empowerment like inner beauty, peace, allure, grace, quiet strength, security etc… Take the time to identify what smells influence positive emotions.  Every woman should have a collection of potions.

Shop minimally
Like I always say, clothes won’t give you style but if you love to shop, focus on what matters.  Buy one article of clothing for yourself each month.  Preferably a statement piece.  At the end of the year, you will have 12 articles of clothing that compliment your favorite physical parts and represent what you love and are inspired by – all handpicked thoughtfully by you!

Use every occasion to dress for the best possible outcome
If you’ve ever gotten dressed for an exciting, promising date, your preparation for your appearance is most likely focused on attracting the best possible outcome. But this is usually hardly the case when dressing to run an errand go to class or work…The thing is, every day and every occasion is full of possibility and promise!  So use every moment to present yourself as an extension of your dreams and aspirations whenever you leave your home to interact with the rest of the world.

Live H.O.P.E. Give H.O.P.E.

Natalie Live
Guest Contributor

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Natalie is the author of fashion/style blog, The Tiny Closet.  She chronicles her daily style wearing clothes from a very small wardrobe, She created this blog as a way to show just how little clothing a gal needs to look stylishly fresh all year. A Tiny closet is full of possibilities! One day at a time.

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