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15369cbBeing a full-time student and living on campus can be very overwhelming at times. It seems like every time you look around, the stress just keeps building up. I know it can sometimes seem impossible to keep calm under high-stressed situations: a major test, meeting deadlines, keeping up with friends and peers, and making sure you graduate on time.

Part of being an adult is learning how to manage your stress. Research shows that “stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior.” Always remember to take control and manage your stress!

Here are some ways you can become mentally balanced on campus:

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations allow you to combat any negative thoughts you may have. If you are someone who constantly thinks negative about a situation then you are only preparing and waiting for the worse to happen. Instead, tell yourself every morning the following:

  • I will not expect negative events to happen; instead, I will be confident in my abilities.
  • I will not let negativity keep me from graduating.
  • I will continue to look at my list of career goals to help push and motivate me.

Get rid of those negative friends!

There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your friends on campus. It is the one thing you should be doing to gain and build life-long friendships. However, if you are around people who hinder your growth then it is time to cut them loose. I remember when I use to hang out with certain “friends” in college. Many of the people I met during my undergraduate years constantly wanted to party and studying ended up last on their list.

Eventually, I had to walk away from some of those friendships, because I did not see those people in my future. I just knew I was destined for great things in life and having negative friends only kept me from reaching my goals

Here is what you need to know:

No matter what, always center yourself around people with similar aspirations in life. If you find yourself around people who are bringing you down then it is ok to cut them out of your life. Honestly, having negative people around you will only bring you negative energy. Hopefully you take a long look at some of your current friends and feel confident that they bring only positive energy into your life.

Try to start the year off with people who want to see you grow, succeed, and reach your full potential in life. It’s also a great time to start practicing your affirmations; you will want to be mentally prepared for the exciting new school year!

Live H.O.P.E. Give H.O.P.E.

Jasmine Burroughs
Guest Contributor

About Jasmine Burroughs

Jasmine Burroughs is a passionate professional writer and natural health and wellness consultant based out of Plainfield, NJ. Burroughs has spent most of her time writing numerous articles for online publications. Her writing covers topics in holistic health, spirituality, women’s issues, and relationships. Her jobs consist of managing the circulation department at WholeFoods Magazine and growing her business, Jazz It Up Communications, LLC.