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Similar to your everyday commute, flying to get to work has become the new normal for me. Some days I run into the airport with open arms and others I have to remember, I asked for this; I’m 30,000 feet up in the air, somewhere in-between home and are we there yet.

For my first trip of the year, I decided to create a photo blog to shed light on having a job that requires significant travel. Currently, I serve as the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I search the country for new students each term but, primarily for the fall semester.


The Hopeful Wait [Song Playing: Can’t Help but Wait by Trey Songz]

My preference is direct flights, but sometimes a layover or two is inevitable. I wait and I hope that my one bag which has a ton of work related stuff in it, rolls around the conveyor belt.


Picture Me Rollin’ [Song Playing: “Diamonds” by Common ft. Big Sean]

I love cars and driving; I always want the over-priced drop top rental but, the hatchback Ford Focus has been clutch for me. It has what I need: Bluetooth capability, excellent gas mileage and great performance.


Suite Life [Song Playing: Egyptian Cotton by Big K.R.I.T.]

I’ve stayed in some crummy hotels while on work travel, but this one isn’t bad. The one universal struggle in hotels nationwide are the slow internet speeds. Then again, a safe and comfortable place to sleep is worth more when you’re tired.

Office on the Move [Song Playing: Don’t Stop by Child Rebel Soldier]

Out of the office does not mean free day. I work at a small graduate school and head an equally small department. I have a lot of responsibility so caffeine and reliable Wi-Fi are my necessities on the road.



That’s a Wrap
[Song Playing: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin & Tammi]

This is what the end of a conference looks like. I presented, ate good (that sweet tea was ever-y-thing) and shared my gapped-tooth smile a time or two. Work for the day is over…kind of.



How Many of Us Have Them [Song Playing: Give Em What They Love by Janelle Monae ft. Prince]

It’s good to catch up with friends in other cities, but when none are located where you are going, traveling colleagues are great to have. One of my fellow recruiters usually gets everyone together. Tonight, we decided on seeing a movie.


Home is Where the Luggage Is [Song Playing: Unshakable by United Tenors]

Packing for checkout reminds me how mobile and transient this career is and can feel. This bag is basically home during the fall and parts of the spring. Getting used to that has trained me to “live light.”


Power Lunch [Song Playing: Cousins by J. Cole feat. Bas]

I finished the last event of this trip with a working lunch accompanied by prospective students and other recruiters. These types of engagements can be awkward and cut-throat, but today was cool. My flight leaves this evening and I won’t get home until midnight; I still have work to complete and I have to be in the office tomorrow morning.

One Down, Many More to Go [Song Playing: Already Home by Jay-Z ft. Kid Cudi]

Traveling frequently for work can be very rewarding and you learn a lot about yourself.

If this is something you seek to do, talk to others in these occupational fields and know what to expect. The first trip of the travel season is complete; the trusty Samsonite (my luggage) and I are finally calling it a night.

Search the #somuchsamsonite hashtag on Instagram or visit Grant’s VSCO Journal ( to find more pictures and stories).

Live H.O.P.E. Give H.O.P.E.

Grant Crusor
Guest Contributor

About the Author
Grant Crusor is a poet/photographer based in Louisville, KY by way of his hometown, Chicago, IL. He is the author of Nowhere to Hide (Second City Books, 2011) as well as a free e-chapbook, Racing. The most succinct description of Grant would be:  a son/brother/lover/friend/fighter/thinker/writer. Find out more about Grant at http://www.GrantCrusor.com.