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For the average person networking is not fun. Sometimes, networking can feel like work, which is the last thing most people want to do on a Sunday afternoon. But there is a way to network and have a good time, it’s called Speed Networking.

How perfect is it, to only be committed to a conversation for 5 minutes or less?

During our event, you’ll have conversations exploring potential business opportunities between you and the person across the table (from you) and when time is up, you get to meet someone new.

This format allows you to meet the majority of the room while having fun in the process.


Raise your hand if you:

1. Want to advance the cause of non-profit, business, social club or brand
2. Want to meet more young professionals in the Washington, DC area
3. Want to hang out on a Sunday afternoon while supporting a cause

If’ you raised your hand you should RSVP today. If you have not raised your hand yet, check out our past mixers and meet our sponsors by visiting our Facebook page.

We hope to see you this Sunday, March 8th.

Live HOPE. Give HOPE.