HBCU Spotlight Series

HBCU Spotlight: The HOPE Scholarship Initiative believes in HBCU Unity. We will begin to feature a HBCU monthly in hopes of bringing attention to that institution. To spotlight your HBCU answer the following questions and submit to info@thehopscholarship.com.

  1. Basic Info (Name, Location, Year Founded, School Motto)
  2. What is this institution famous for? What’s their legacy? (certain majors, # of degrees awarded, marching bands, Greek orgs, fashion)
  3. How many students attend this institution?
  4. Does this Institution have any nicknames (ie The Hilltop)?
  5. What famous people have graduated from this institution? What are they doing now?
  6. Has this institution received any recent awards or accolades? If so, what specifically.
  7. Who is the current president of this institution? Have they brought any major changes?
  8. What are the top 5 reasons students attend this institution?
  9. What are the current events related to this institution (sports championships, going green, service trips)

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