HOPEChat Transcripts: Which HBCUs Will Survive the 21st Century?

@Hopescholarship  Good evening and #Welcome to @hopescholarship’s #hopechat — Which HBCUs Will Survive the 21st Century and Why?

@Hopescholarship Joining us for today’s #hopechat we have: @HBCUstorian @MichaelSorrell @TomJoynerFound @MarybethGasman #hopechat.

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship @HBCUstorian @TomJoynerFound @MarybethGasman I’m the Prez of the #QuinniteNation. #hopechat

@TomJoynerFound: I’m here- Thomas Joyner, president and ceo of the Tom Joyner Foundation. My 1st time tweeting. #hopechat

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship — i’m a prof at Penn and do research on HBCUs — always thinking about how to make them better.

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship I’m the Executive Editor of @HBCUstory, lecturer at @TSUedu and historian of HBCU life and times. #HopeChat

@Hopescholarship Question There are 100+ #HBCUs in existence. Do they all need to survive? @HBCUstorian @MichaelSorrell @TomJoynerFound@MarybethGasman #hopechat

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship @HBCUstorian @TomJoynerFound@MarybethGasman All of the ones that evolve and commit to excellence. #hopechat

@MichaelSorrell: @marybethgasman #Hopechat. The HBCUs that will survive will be the ones that spend more time looking forward than behind.

@MarybethGasman:  @michaelsorrell, @HopeScholarship — the ones that will survive are those that can tell their story to the nation #hopechat

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship Needs and wants readily and rapidly change. Looking at the stats of Black America, I’d say Y.E.S.#HopeChat

@Hopescholarship: What are the characteristics of a thriving #HBCU institution?@MichaelSorrell @TomJoynerFound @MarybethGasman #hopechat

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship: characteristics are innovation, brave leadership, students first, data driven decisions, and knowing how tell a story.

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship @TomJoynerFound @MarybethGasman #hopechat Innovative; fearless; customer service oriented; value-oriented; and relentless
@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship Visionary leadership, strong alumni, diverse program offerings. And money in the bank! #HopeChat

@Hopescholarship: Should the #HBCU community work to save #MorrisBrown? Why or why not? #hopechat #HBCUSurvival

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship @michaelsorrell @TomJoynerFound@marybethgasman It’s not a question of should. It’s a serious reality check. #HopeChat

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship @michaelsorrell @TomJoynerFound @marybethgasman Morris Brown can’t merely be saved to die again at the hands of its own

@C_RobShorette: I don’t think it’s a question of “should we let” an #HBCU die. WE didn’t LET it. Poor leadership is at the root of that problem#HopeChat

@Hopescholarship: If you could create a #survivalkit for #HBCUs what would it consist of? @HBCUstorian @MichaelSorrell @TomJoynerFound@MarybethGasman

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship survival kit=prez like Sorrell or Kimbrough or Tatum, national attention, great curriculum, innovation #hopechat

@TomJoynerFound: @marybethgasman @HopeScholarship Survival kit- strong, versatile fundraising department, online academic content, and adaptability#hopechat

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship @michaelsorrell @TomJoynerFound@marybethgasman Accountability. Across the board. Every member of every HBCU. #HopeChat

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship More leaders like @michaelsorrell! This recycling of bad leadership is killing us! #HopeChat

@unoCHANCE: Every1 talks about #HBCUpride what should this look like@marybethgasman @michaelsorrell @HBCUstorian@tomjoynerfound? #hopechat

@MichaelSorrell: @unoCHANCE @marybethgasman @HBCUstorian @tomjoynerfound#hopechat B4 we can discuss #HBCUpride we have to have personal pride. Crawl b4 walk

@Hopescholarship: Has the recent departure of several #HBCU presidents created instability for HBCUs as a whole? @TomJoynerFound@MarybethGasman #hopechat

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship @hbcustorian #hopechat No, it’s part of the evolutionary process. When u leave, Hope u left it better than u found it.
@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship not instability but resistance to change; HBCUs boards need to step it up and be open to brave leaders#hopechat

@Hopescholarship: Where can we find the next generation of great #HBCU leaders?@michaelsorrell @hbcustorian @TomJoynerFound@marybethgasman #hopechat

@TomJoynerFound: @HopeScholarship– from within- the next generation of leaders are today’s students. they’ve come up in a diff. learning environment & view

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship @hbcustorian @TomJoynerFound@marybethgasman #hopechat Accept that they might not be at HBCUs right now or even higher ed.

‏@Harlemism: @HBCUstorian @HopeScholarship Q4 #HopeChat Agreed! The lack of visionary leadership and capable mgmt has been crippling to HBCUs.

@C_RobShorette: I think we need to provide a pipeline into #HBCU leadership positions, led by great #HBCU leaders & philanthropic organizations#HopeChat

@Hopescholarship: HamptonU recently ban locs/cornrows for business students. Does this #policy hurt or help #HBCUs? @HBCUstorian@MichaelSorrell, #hopechat

@HBCUstorian: @HopeScholarship Cornrow debate is a catch 22! HBCUs have always had the burden of readying their own for the cold hard world.#HopeChat

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship @HBCUstorian #hopechat It’s neither. It’s a private bus school and is doing what it thinks will help its students.

@TomJoynerFound: @HopeScholarship @MarybethGasman Nothing wrong with Hampton’s policy helps- that’s how it goes in corporate America #hopechat

‏@DrKiddKidd @HopeScholarship I think Hampton is preparing them for the real world.No matter what,your appearance is always checked 1st.#HopeChat #Q5

@HBCU_Lifestyle: @HopeScholarship: The cornrow debate sends a message of conformity. Corp Am is not for everyone. We need more entrepreneurs #HopeChat

@MichaelSorrell: @FeleciaElana @DrKiddKidd @HopeScholarship #hopechat Well, either way, Hampton has a right to do what it thinks will be best for students.

@Hopescholarship: What can HBCU students/alumni do to ensure that their institutions survive? @HBCUstorian @MichaelSorrell@marybethgasman @TomJoynerFound
@TomJoynerFound: @HopeScholarship 1st off- Alumni can give to and sustain their school’s endowment #hopechat

@TomJoynerFound: @HopeScholarship 2nd- alumni need to get join the boards of their schools to enact the changes they feel are needed to survive#hopechat

@MarybethGasman: @TomJoynerFound @HopeScholarship yes but to do that they have to engage and give — giving is a currency for influence #hopechat

@MichaelSorrell: @HopeScholarship #hopechat Or at least graduate and repay their loans. Protect your school’s credit and yours.

@HIS_tory1887: It is important that HBCU get buy in from their communities as well.#hopechat Can’t be an island

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship I am contacted by about 20 young people a year who want to be HBCU presidents. They want to make change.#hopechat

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship But they young people need to take the time to figure out how colleges work and need to have diverse skills.#hopechat

@Hopescholarship: Should lesser-known #HBCUs work to raise their visibility? If so, how? @HBCUstorian @MichaelSorrell @TomJoynerFound@MarybethGasman

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship: Lesser known HBCUs NEED to raise their profiles or no one will enroll or give to them. Essential #hopechat

@MarybethGasman: @HopeScholarship Every HBCU needs to use social media and traditional media to tell the world who they are, what they do every day #hopechat

@TomJoynerFound: @HBCUstorian – smaller & lesser known hbcus will have to take more risks to survive and find academic niches to specialize in#hopechat

@unoCHANCE: @TomJoynerFound @marybethgasman @michaelsorrell@HBCUstorian Can you tell those listening why #HBCUs are still relevant #hopechat

@C_RobShorette: #HBCUs are still relevant because they provide a type of education & support FOR ALL students that PWIs continue to struggle with#HopeChat

@HBCUstorian:  @TomJoynerFound @marybethgasman@michaelsorrell HBCUs will always b relevant as long as peo need light learning &love #hopechat

@iLearnHigherEd: HBCU’s are still the hope & the blessing for people with dreams of upward mobility &self-determination of any color or culture#hopechat

@HIS_tory1887: This #hopechat just breath life into HBCU’s across the country. It’s in the atmosphere

@HBCUPrideNation: It’s going to be a problem when all 103 HBCUs actually unify together!


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  1. This was wonder-lous! Yes, it’s a word that I made up! All my love to the Hope-dealers!

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